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What one needs to understand about Savile Row is that this is home of true bespoke tailoring and extremely high quality and standards.

Royals have been dressed here for centuries, Charles Dickens, Beau Brummell, Frank Sinatra, world leaders, generals, presidents, the Beatles, the Stones! David Beckham, Gregory Peck, world-renowned designers, to name but a few!

At a time when bespoke tailoring shops were ten-a-penny, it always was and still is Savile Row that insisted on an extremely high skill level in making suits using methods it has employed for years. These methods are what makes it so unique. Sadly, tailors are now few and far between and today we are up against the high street giants and high end designers, though Savile Row bespoke tailoring still gets a nod of respect from all in the clothing and fashion industry as it laid the foundations for menswear today.

Oliver Cross, Cutter, Meyer and Mortimer

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